Mr. Steve at the New York Theatre Workshop
Mr. Steve Reynolds works for the Department of the Interior as a National Park Service Ranger, protecting our nation's cultural, historical and natural resources, and serves to educate the public about the importance of these resources. He is based in Philadelphia where he works at the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site, and has also served in New York, Chicago, Colorado, Montana, and Minneapolis.

Steve was once asked to help out at a Theatre Festival by Thaddeus Phillips and Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental in a show about Edgar Allan Poe. The show can be seen at the New York Theatre Workshop in NYC through June 1st!

In his spare time, Steve enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, photography, cooking, reading, sailing, singing, guitar playing, harmonica blowing, kayaking, canoeing, sex, bird-watching, carpentry, calligraphy, driving, scrap-booking, wood carving, stamp collecting, logging, basket weaving and watching movies.

Steve is currently on his first trip to the Netherlands, although a childhood friend by the name of Lantermans has family here and visits often. Steve has visited England, France, Colombia and Bulgaria on previous over-seas trips and enjoys traveling abroad.

Steve firmly believes that the mission of the Department of the Interior should be expanded to promote international cultural exchange, and is working to commission the first official charter of Park Rangers without Borders. He seeks to repair the irreparable damage caused by pathetic foreign policy and inflated national pride. Steve believes Europeans will like him if they get to know him. Get him to sing you a song!